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Stuff I am going to write

  • May. 4th, 2009 at 9:09 PM
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I've been very unmotivated on the writing side for a long time now (and if I'm honest, I've also been unmotivated on everything else as well) for wholly uninteresting reasons that basically boil down to "RL".

So in an attempt to kick-start my writing again, I'm putting up a list of fics I am currently working on/plan to work on at some point in the future.

Some spoilers in the blurbs, FYI.


These are fics I've written stuff on and will be continuing.

Are You Game

The [community profile] areyougame comm is about on IJ and LJ as well, I believe (definitely on IJ, not sure about LJ) and seems to be a good deal of fun. I have therefore decided that I shall participate in the DW version for August 2009, in an attempt to properly kick my apparently long-term writer's block in the backside.

Remaining [community profile] areyougame claims
18 August - Final Fantasy XII, Larsa/Penelo: ribbons and bows – court life was so boring
23 August - Crossover, Final Fantasy VII/Kingdom Hearts, Genesis/KH!Cloud: wingkink - together, they fly.

Final Fantasy XII

A Tale of Archadian Passion, or, Penelo's Navel
Parts one and two are up. This is proving to be surprisingly entertaining to write, something I'm doing just for myself and my own enjoyment (although other people are welcome to enjoy as well, obviously.) It's a silly thing that will eventually end up as Larsa/Penelo.


Sequel to Not Heaven. I've been writing this fic for years now, so I am damned well going to finish it sooner or later. And then maybe write that epic sequel-to-the-sequel I was planning.


These are fics that I'm either in the process of writing, with nothing posted as of yet, or fics that are still in the planning stage - but a definite sort of planning stage, which means that they will be produced at some point.

Final Fantasy VII

Wish You Were Here
I have had an idea for a "Cloud goes back in time" fic for ages - I made a post on lj a few years ago now about things that annoy me in FF7 fic and how my main pet peeve is the urge to make everything all happy fluffy bunnies when you're dealing with people like Sephiroth, who at best is a cold-blooded killer with minimal social skills. (And seeing as I now work in the UK CJS with a lot of people who have minimal social skills, I can say for damned sure that shoving pretty young teens of either gender at them is not the way to handle things.)

Anyway, this will be a multipart fic with a plot that will probably make about as much sense as FF7 canon (although hopefully more sense than Dirge of Cerberus canon) set midway through the Crisis Core game. I'm still ironing out the plot, although I've got the first few scenes written.


Do I really need to explain this bit?

Final Fantasy VII

Currently untitled
Yet another "Zack survives" fic. Not sure if I'll ever finish it - it was in my head when I woke up the morning after I first finished Crisis Core, so I scribbled as much of it as I could down then.

Currently untitled
Post-Advent Children, something of a love song from Cloud to Tifa. Because Tifa is just as awesome as Aeris, just in a very different, much quieter manner, and the feelings Cloud has for her are just as real. Tifa needs more love.

Persona 4

Currently untitled - Persona 4
I seem to have had a different reaction to the romance path of the Fortune social link than most people who played it, judging by comments I've seen elsewhere on the intertubes. I read the whole "I'm glad you're female" comments etc. as being the first time anyone has been glad Naoto is a girl. So the purpose of this fic is basically to explain why I think that would have been positive for Naoto. Not a high-priority fic - I've got some of it written, but it will probably sit on the backburner in favour of other projects.


FF7/FF8 crossover
This was going to be a Cloud/Squall fic of dubious quality and plot. I've had an unfinished draft of it sitting around for ages which needs a serious rewrite.

More to be added as and when inspiration strikes.


jadey: greyscale a woman's face (ani difranco) eyes upward  (Default)
[personal profile] jadey wrote:
May. 6th, 2009 08:41 pm (UTC)
Whoo for more writing!

Though I bet it would help if I played Final Fantasy games...
almighty_frog: (yay!)
[personal profile] almighty_frog wrote:
May. 6th, 2009 10:07 pm (UTC)
Yes. Yes you should. You should play the original FF7, and then play FF7: Crisis Core. And then watch FF7: Advent Children Complete. (Ignore the original Advent Children. It makes no sense.) And I say this because they are AWESOME and in many places hilarious beyond all reason, not always intentionally on the part of the developers. It also takes less than an hour of gameplay to get Cloud into a dress and it is possible, in the game, to go on a date with a Mr T clone. I cannot make this shit up.

I'm could rant about FF7's awesome forever, but I'm going to stop there because I've got to get up for work tomorrow. If you're content with just reading summaries of the games (and their occasional epic gay), though, I think I can dig some up. :D