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Welcome to this shiny new DW! I'm still playing with stuff, so expect changes.

Anyway. I'm Anria, a (relatively) recent graduate from the University of Durham (the UK version, not the US one; cheap imitations will be shot). I have the distinct honour of holding a degree in Philosophy, which makes it very easy to win arguments and notice stupidity but very hard to find a job with decent pay.

I am often opinionated and not particularly PC. All those entering this DW, please be prepared to experience profanity, obscenity, and a distinct lack of patience with stupidity. My sense of humour is also not for the easily disturbed. I am, however, open to discussion on any opinion/thought/whatever I post here - I like debate and I like different points of view, and anything you want to say will be treated with respect. Unless, y'know, you're not respectful to me.

I write fanfiction in various fandoms, although I've been doing less of that recently since I've started writing more original fiction. Even so, fanfic will be posted here, as will fanfic recs. (See my site for past stuff.)

The layout comes from here by [ profile] grrliz.
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