Jun. 3rd, 2010

  • 5:01 PM
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As is probably obvious, I've not been around much for the last little while.

Part of the reason I've not been around much is evidenced by the fact that I just got paid £250 in overtime. Yeah, my work went bananas, but hey, they paid me moneys!

Which I promptly blew on a PS3 and a couple of games.

...so I probably won't be around for another little while.

It hurts.

  • Mar. 18th, 2010 at 11:22 PM
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Dear Customer,

Thanks for preordering Dragon Age on PC from GAME.co.uk.

Your Begans Bow In-Game Weapon code is: ****-****-****-****,

To access this please follow these instructions:

Create a PlayStation® Network account by visiting eu.playstation.com/registration on a PC.

* Sign in to your PlayStation® Network account.

* Visit PlayStation® Store by visiting eu.playstation.com/registration on a PC.

* Select the Redeem Codes icon, found in the top right hand corner of the Store Top.

* Enter the 12 character promotion code shown above and select Continue.

* Follow the on-screen instructions to redeem the promotion code.

Thanks again for preordering from GAME.co.uk.

The GAME.co.uk Customer Services Team

Please Note: The code is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as displayed. The above code is required to access your pre-order bonus. Keep it safe and don't share it with anyone. It cannot be replaced if lost. Codes are limited to 1 code per PlayStation Account.

I pre-order the PC version of a game and get a PS3 pre-order bonus. WTF.

Not that I really care about the pre-order item. But still. What.

Edit: Okay, I can still get it in the PC version. Even so, major fail.

Ugh. Ill.

  • Mar. 17th, 2010 at 6:56 PM
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I have flu. Not just a cold, flu. Temperature, sweating, oh-god-someone-cut-my-head-off-my-sinuses-are-killing-me flu. And this is my fifth day of being ill despite being at home mainlining orange juice.

...This is my excuse for why I just bought the PS1 versions of FF7 and FF8 off Amazon.

(I also have the Dragon Age expansion pack, which will be released tomorrow, on preorder. And the next "Gentlemen Bastards" book by Scott Lynch on preorder, although that's not going to be released until May. Shh.)

Noooooobody tells him what to do!

  • Feb. 27th, 2010 at 10:49 AM
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I feel that I must now update you all on what I did when I did not have internet.

Its name is Dragon Age: Origins.

There are many reasons why Dragon Age is awesome. Many, many reasons. Canonical gay is one of them. (There are four romance options in the game - two male and two female - and regardless of your PC's gender, you can have a romance with three of them in one playthrough.)

Other reasons are as follows, with informative headers. Very informative. Yes. )


  • Oct. 20th, 2009 at 10:25 PM
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Soooooo. I have been playing quite a lot of The Last Remnant - I'm currently just about to head into the Aqueducts in Nagapur and I've done all but two of the sidequests available. I'm saving those ones for grinding purposes (Cosmos Maiden and Wisdom's Echo). Both Rush and David have randomly learnt Blackout II, skipping Blackout, without me even quite knowing how that happened. Huh.

But. EMMA. Stupid bloody Squenix and their Aeris-style whallops. (Warning: major spoilers in the video.) I am also now deeply afraid of the Conqueror. Is it wrong that I want to see Conqueror/Emma now?

It says something about the way my mind works, though, that I'm not yet at the end of the first disk and I've already daydreamed up a dystopian AU where Rush is on the Conqueror's side.

However, stupid bloody Windows Vista keeps taking exception to TLR. Among other things, it has a) randomly sped up the battle speed in the middle of one battle and now I can't get it back to normal so Rush & Co look like the Energiser Bunny on speed, b) has bluescreened TWICE while I was playing the game, and c) keeps freezing the game in the middle of fights. Sometimes it comes back, sometimes not.

It says something that in the eight-odd years that I used Windows prior to getting the new laptop with Vista, I never once had a computer bluescreen on me. Since getting Vista? Three times in a year. Twice in the last fortnight.

Freud would be proud.

  • Sep. 29th, 2009 at 9:36 PM
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...why is the Gae Bolg a giant penis?

What the fuck, Squenix. What. The. Fuck.

(The Last Remnant finally finished downloading, so I am currently sort-of levelling by cycling through the Gaslin Caves and the Ruins of Robellia Castle. Rule of thumb with any RPG: if you have an opportunity to do stupid amounts of levelling really early on, do so.)


  • Sep. 26th, 2009 at 10:43 AM
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Steam is going to drive me mad, I can tell.

I bought The Last Remnant PC version a couple of days ago and it arrived on Thursday. I thought installing it right there and then would be lethal considering that I have a job to apply for, work to go to, and still those [community profile] areyougame fics to write that have been eluding me.

HOWEVER. Squeenix appear to have decided that they would put the game itself online, to be installed via Steam, and that the two DVD disks in the box were for something entirely different that I haven't quite worked out yet.

So now The Last Remnant is downloading to my computer at a rate of 235kB/s.

All. Twelve. Gigs. Of. It.

I'm really glad I have Dissidia to tide me over...

...wtf, Dissidia?

  • Sep. 14th, 2009 at 4:56 PM
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Still playing Dissidia, and spamming the quick battles. I've unlocked the initial 10 villains in the PP catalog, so I just played as Sephiroth for the first time. When he wins a battle, he giggles. )

Sep. 12th, 2009

  • 11:21 AM
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Excuse me while I become a hermit for the next few weeks.

Edit: ...I knew it was a mistake to start with Cloud. Cannot beat Sephiroth because I am crap at defending. Argh. >.<

Son of Edit: Levelling in Dissidia is so much fun. I am spamming the quick battle option with Cloud - all the calendar bonuses are now unlocked so I level up pretty much once every three or four battles, and I just unlocked the Advent Children version of Omnislash. Mwahahahahaha.

Another game for me to play!

  • Sep. 9th, 2009 at 7:09 PM
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[personal profile] dragovianknight linked to KnightFight today, and it looked like so much fun that I've signed up for an account. Lookie look, my first mission went well!

An evil duke is terrorising his people. You decide to set them free of his evil rule! Your mission was very successful. You received 108 gold as a reward from the liberated farmers and merchants!

You have been credited with 108 gold. On your mission you were also able to gain 2 experience points and your alignment has shifted 1 points towards the good side!

Not bad for ten minutes' work! Two more EXP points to the next level.

I may have done something incredibly cheesy/daft with my username, though. "Anria" was already taken, and somehow "almighty_frog" just didn't seem to cut it as the name of a Knight. On Friday I picked up a copy of Anna Karenina from Waterstones and I've been reading it ever since, so it was on my desk beside the computer when I registered. (Thus far it is bloody good, by the way.)

So can you guess what I named my Knight, then?

Yup, "Anria Karenina". :D

(Hey, for 7:15am, I think that was pretty imaginative! Or at least pretty punny, not sure which. Or which is better/worse.)

In other news: I am attempting to write my remaining two fics for [community profile] areyougame, but I've had a few life crises and a return of the dreaded exhaustion (the doctor gave me pills for this! ::shakes fist::) so I've not really got much further than before. :/ I'm trying to force it through, but the tiredness makes it difficult to concentrate and my job is pretty demanding on the "needs attention" scale, so it drains me a lot.

In an attempt to keep to a semi-normal sleeping pattern, though, I've been replaying KH2. It's entertaining and doesn't require much brain power since all I have to do is button-mash. Ooh, look, a beneficial side effect of KH2's designers' laziness!

Edit to fix grammerz.

More DQ8

  • Aug. 25th, 2009 at 6:17 PM
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Finally made it to the Dragovian Sanctuary... )

Edit: AHAHAHAHA I WAS RIGHT. Also, the Dragovian Lord was a ridiculously easy boss. WTF.

Aug. 23rd, 2009

  • 1:32 PM
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I have thumped straight into a wall insofar as my final two [community profile] areyougame claims are concerned. I'm still trying to write them, just ... kinda failing.

However, I just finished DQ8! Wooh! Haven't done the Dragovian Trials yet, though - those are next up.

What the hell does 'ragazzo' mean, anyway? )


I figure I should actually try to get these eggs to hatch at some point. Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Aug. 17th, 2009

  • 5:16 PM
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I have recently begun playing Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. Well, I say "recently" - I've managed to build up over 50 hours' gameplay, though, so the "recently" is more like "obsessively for a couple of weeks now".

I wasn't expecting much from DQ8, which equates to MORE FOOL ME. Ohmygod it's awesome. SO much fun, and SO wonderfully detailed, and pretty, and challenging without being controller-breakingly irritating (certain bosses excluded)...

One thing I really like so far is that Jessica, even though she gets the typical, stupid battle costumes (including a freaking PLAYBOY BUNNY OUTFIT) is independent and strong-willed and quite firmly does not respond to flirtation or allow herself to become a damsel-in-distress character. Although I do get freaky incest pings from her.

Money in the game, however, is an issue. And constantly resetting the game to make the casino in Baccarat obey me is really friggin' annoying.


Sooooooooo. Roz came to mine this weekend and we sat and watched all of Samurai Champloo together. Arrjsghskfjhgfjkghj AWESOME. I got pinged so hard for the Mugen-Jin-Fuu threesome of DESTINY.

Although I did also like the crazy ninja chick who decided she was going to marry Mugen after shooting him down half a dozen times and kicking him in the balls.

Good fics found so far:

The Barbless Hook
Rhythmic Appreciation


I have no idea what this Dragon Cave thing is all about. Nevertheless: Adopt one today!.
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Edit: the pics should work now. Curse you, Photobucket! *shakes fist*

So since TS3 pretty much enforces legacy-style playing on you, I decided hey! I may as well play a legacy family! TS3 is also addictive and therefore I have spent far too much time playing this family, which led to me making this post because if I don't I'll soon forget what the hell was going on at the time I took these screencaps.

Note: I didn't realise that my screencap programme was including the mouse in the pics, so there are several points where the mouse is clearly visible in the picture. Oops. Please ignore for now - I've changed the programme settings now so it shouldn't do that any more. :D

Tsutsul Legacy Part One: Poverty and Gold Diggers )

Illness and ranting about games

  • Jul. 10th, 2009 at 7:45 PM
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At some point, I will stop playing with my DW layout. Promise.

Moving on:

LIFE: I am an ill thing. )
GAME: Disgaea )
GAME: Sims 3 )

May. 16th, 2009

  • 12:12 AM
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Just finished Persona 4. Awhrjsrjkghdjfkghjjgfawesome.