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AND THUS IT CONTINUES. In this part: Larsa is topped by everyone, Penelo is manipulative, and OCs appear. Basch is present in spirit, although he wishes he wasn't.

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A Tale of Archadian Passion, or, Penelo's Navel: Part Two )

Stuff I am going to write

  • May. 4th, 2009 at 9:09 PM
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I've been very unmotivated on the writing side for a long time now (and if I'm honest, I've also been unmotivated on everything else as well) for wholly uninteresting reasons that basically boil down to "RL".

So in an attempt to kick-start my writing again, I'm putting up a list of fics I am currently working on/plan to work on at some point in the future.

Some spoilers in the blurbs, FYI.

A surprising amount of this is FF7. )
More to be added as and when inspiration strikes.
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This fic is, for the most part, horrendously daft. In the places where it is not horrendously daft, it is a light-hearted romance. In the places where it is not a light-hearted romance, there is Basch, with a big fuck-off sword, to direct you back to the parts where is either a) horrendously daft, or b) a light-hearted romance.

Theoretically, there is a plot.


Summary: It's been six years since Vayne died, and Dalmasca is sending a new Ambassador to Archadia. Again.
Pairings: Larsa/Penelo (among others)
Warnings: dubious plot/humour, OCs, Larsa being daft and Penelo being manipulative AWESOME.

[ PART 1 ] [ PART 2 ] [ PART 3 ] [ ? ]

Presenting: A Tale of Archadian Passion, or, Penelo's Navel: Part One )