Potential trigger warning.

  • Aug. 22nd, 2009 at 9:22 PM
almighty_frog: (hitoshura)
This post contains mentions of child abuse. If you feel this might be triggering, please do not read.

A few days ago [personal profile] jadey linked to a blog on Wordpress called A Search for Survivors, which (funnily enough) searches for survivors of an abusive form of child "therapy" known as holding/attachment therapy.

One of the techniques used in this therapy is to roll a child up in a blanket or rug and tell them to struggle as fiercely as they can to get out while their parents and the healthcare professionals do their best to prevent them from doing so. Several children have died as a result of this treatment.

This blog has been suspended by Wordpress. The blogger has put up a sort of mirror to the last post she made on the website. [personal profile] copperbadge has a more detailed post on what the blog is about and on the suspension available, too.

In the interests of continuing word of mouth on this topic, please consider doing as the maintainer asks: If you oppose the permanent suspension of A Search for Survivors, I ask that you please write WordPress at tosreports@wordpress.com

Put this in the subject line: [WordPress #352210]: 493@childtorture.wordpress.com

Please phrase any protests, inquiries and arguments with the utmost courtesy. Thank you.

I feel this is especially important because, as someone was abused as a child by a childcare professional, I know all too well of the debilitating fear that can come along with your abuser holding a respected position in society. Who am I to say that the way this person has treated me is wrong, when they have qualifications and are trusted, and I am a nobody child/teenager/young adult? Part of the reason it took me twelve years to finally speak to anybody about the abuse I suffered, in any detail, was because I was bone-deep terrified of someone refusing to believe me. Denying what I said. Denying me my voice. If I didn't say anything, I couldn't be told I was wrong.

The suspension of this blog, although it concerns a form of abuse that I (thankfully) never suffered, hits way too close to home as a result. Please help to give these survivors back their voice and the support that comes with having people acknowledge that what they suffered was abuse. Please help protest the suspension with Wordpress.

Edit: Boo to Wordpress.